Hi Everyone,

Just thought I’d catch everyone up on what’s happening in my life!

I had my Person Centred Review recently and it went really well. My Mum and my Sister, Verity came along with Isobel, Jodie, Janet, Ian and Alice from HCC. I really enjoyed it and we talked about what people appreciate about me, what’s important to me now and in the future and put some plans in place to make sure I have the right support.

I have changed some of my sessions with Leo’s and I’m enjoying this even more. I’m now going to go the social evening on Thursdays.

I’m still attending St. John’s Church which is really good.

This week is good care week and we are holding an event on Friday which is going to be fun! Also on Friday, we are having a Holiday Planning meeting to discuss going to Majorca (which I’m still really excited about!!!).

I’m feeling really happy in myself at the moment, which is great!

All the best,


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