I’ve had a fabulous birthday weekend!

I opened all my cards when I got up on Friday and some presents. I had some great presents (thank you everyone!). I had chocolates, a new watch and lots of money!

I had a visit from my Sister, Verity which was lovely. After that I had a party with Joe, Jack and Mitch and the staff. I really enjoyed the party food and everyone sang Happy Birthday.

I decided to get an early night on Friday as I was going out with Mum on Saturday.

On Saturday Mum, Simon, Auntie Margaret, Uncle Hugh, Ruth and Martin and I all went to Proms in the Park which was at Hyde Park. It was great! There were some good celebrities there, like Sir Terry Wogan, Tony Blackburn and Russell Watson. There was some great music! We didn’t get back to Mum’s until midnight! I’m hopefully going to get some pictures soon.

All the best,


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